Thank you for your purchase of our MCW-M1 video processor. The design of this LED video processor is in line with international and industry standards. However, if it is not operated properly, it may cause personal injury and property loss. To avoid possible hazards, please follow the instructions in this manual.

Product characteristics

1、 Single machine with 2.6 million pixels, support custom output

resolution, a single output level up to 3840 pixels, vertical up to 3840

pixels. 2、 Two DVI outputs, three simultaneous visuals

3、 Audio video follow up togglevolume adjustment

4、 Input Ports: Dvi * 1, HD* 2, DP * 1, Vga * 1, audio * 1, expandable 2

channels SDI input. 

5、 Support Multi level frame splicing. 

6、 Easy setup wizard. 

7、 Save and load templates. 

8、 Picture rotation output. 

9、 Schedule. 

10、 One click freeze. 

11、 Built in test card. 

12、 USB Upgrade. 

13、 Keypad locks.


  MCW-M1 product is a dedicated Mancowin LED large screen display system set video processing, splicing, switching and other video splicer, using the industry's top core processing chip. Advanced image processing technology, eliminate the video image motion trailing and Sawtooth phenomenon, for ordinary PAL/NTSC video, the output image is more clear and delicate, for 2K signal, the output image details are rich, full color, image quality is at an industry-leading level. Image scaling technology, support custom output resolution, output maximum 3840 pixels horizontally, vertical resolution maximum 3840 pixels. Complete video input interface, including Dvi * 1, HD * 2, DP * 1, Vga * 1, audio * 1, expandable 2 channels SDI. The 2.6 megapixel machine is compatible with different transmission card structures and can have 2 transmission cards inside the machine. Complete machine pure hardware structure, work stable, reliable. International Standard 1.5 u case.




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